Waianae Solar Project 46-34.5 kV Substation & 46kV Gen-Tie Line

Project Description

HMS Construction was subcontracted by Electrical Consultants, Inc. to construct the 46-34.5 kV Substation and 46kV Gen-Tie Line for the Eurus – Waianae Solar Project.

Substation;   HMS to supply labor, equipment, consumable materials as follows;  excavation & installation of substation foundations, underground and above grade conduit & grounding system,  erect steel, place insulators, panels, equipment, buss, jumpers, and assist with pre-fab control building (installation & various electrical work).   HMS also installed & terminated all control cable including assisting with final commissioning and placement of finish rock pad around entire substation.

Gen-Tie Line;   Excavation & installation multi-piece steel poles, frame & set 2- riser poles and 1 tangent pole (OH conductor insulators, conductor attachments, switches and switch operation mechanisms including jumpers to substation.  HMS also string, sag, clip-in & terminate 556.5 kCM ACC wire and splice the new transmission electrical conductor between structures.  Gen-tie line also consist of installation of 1600LF of underground conduit & manhole system.  HMS was contracted to install 750 kcmil (3) phase 46kV underground conductor including installation of riser terminations and splices in manhole. May 2016 to September 2017.

Project Details

  • Owner Name – Eurus Energy