Aloha Solar Energy Project

Project Description

HMS Construction was subcontracted by REC Solar to perform the medium and low voltage electrical work for a 4.9MW utility grade solar project.  HMS contract was based on providing all labor & equipment to perform the following work; assist with installation of piles, installation of underground conduit system, perform all work within the inverter and equipment pads (UG conduit, Concrete Foundations, Set Equipment, & install ground grid), pull, test, and terminate all MV & LV cables, place and terminate fiber for communication system, plug & play modules, all necessary grounding, pull sub array stringers to combiner boxes, installation of combiner boxes, including terminating strings and DC feeders at combiner boxes.  HMS also installed bollards for equipment, lighting system (foundations, poles, hook-up) and assist with overall solar plant commission. November 2016 to Estimated Completion February 2017.



Project Details

  • Owner Name – Aloha Energy